With increase in awareness and arrival of advanced technologies to help in identification of rare genetic diseases, improvement of patient care and disease management, it becomes important to understand who is among the best Genetic Testing Companies.

In India, there are more than 40 Genetic Testing Companies offering their services in various parts of the country. We have tried to identify and shortlist the Top 5 Genetic Testing Companies in India, which operate on a national level and are known to everyone for services, flexibility, reach to small cities and price for their products. Read on to know more.

Update: 19-02-2021 : Eurofins is no longer in top 5 as they have mostly closed the genetic testing in India. LifeCell is good player making in top 5 primarily due to NIPT. 

1. Medgenome


Medgenome is a Bangalore based Genetic Diagnostics Company. With collaboration of SciGenom Labs, USA, Medgenome was started in 2013 and has been a leader and front runner in genetic testing services in India. Since they are oldest, they have most comprehensive menu covering all range of diseases from Neurology, Oncology, Gynecology, Child Disorders etc. Besides that, they have most competitive rates in market and highest share of samples testing.
Pros: Almost every genetic test is available at very effective costs. Also, doctors know this company by name and their reliability is also quite promising. They are leader for NIPT and Clinical Exome
Cons: Recent indications report that there have been some downfall in doctor’s satisfaction based on report quality.

2.  Redcliffe Life sciences Pvt Ltd.

Oncology, Reproductive Medicine, Inherited Disorders, Research, Delhi. RCL is booming in genetic testing industry. They are the only company to provide Gut Microbiome testing in India in collaboration with Leucine Rich Bio.They have seen considerable growth in few months of launch with high quality testing and effective marketing strategy. Recently, they have tiedup with Ambry Genetics, USA to offer their world class services in India. This association may become a game changer for RCL.

3. LifeCell

LifeCell used to a be popular choice from Cord Blood Banking. After, few successful years, LifeCell ventured in gentic diagnostic testing. They offer primarily New Born Screening Panel and Non Invasive Prenatal Testing for pregnant mothers. 

4. Strand Life Sciences

strand ls

Previously known as Strand Genomics, Strand Life Sciences is based out of Bangalore. Strand Genomics tied up with Triesta Sciences to offer comprehensive cancer screening tests. Strand is involved in Clinical Diagnostics, Bioinformatics and Research. Their major focus is on Cancer Genetics but they also offer all kind of tests for Neurology, Women Health, Infectious Diseases and wellness.
Cons: They have main reliability in Cancer Genetics

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5 Lilac Insights


Born in 2011, Lilac Insights offers genetic testing for reproductive medicine especially NIPT. They are planning to enter into Cancer Genetics as well. Lilac offers both genetic and routine biochemical analysis for reproductive genetics and newborn screening
Pros: They are quite popular and renowned name among fetal medicine experts and gynecologists. Lilac provides genetic testing for new born screening as well.
Cons: They are good only for gynecological and child health.

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Other Genetic Testing companies are:

6. Sandor Life Sciences


Sandor Life Sciences is a Hyderabad based firm. They established in 2007 and since then they have accumulated a large number of products under their offering.
Pros: They cover wide variety of genetic tests including New Born Screening, Proteomics, Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetic Diagnostics etc.

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7. iGenomix-  Reproductive Medicine, Delhi

8. MapMyGenome– Inherited Genetic Disorders, Hyderabad

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9. Centogene– Oncology, Inherited Genetic Disorders and Reproductive Medicine, Germany

10. S N Genelab– Surat and Ahmedabad. Oncology, Immunogenetics and others.

11. DNA Forensics: Delhi

12. Genes2Me: subsidiary of Imperial Life Sciences, Multiple offerings, Delhi. Recently Gene2Me have launched direct to consumer genetic testing to detect risk for future diseases. 

13. Core Diagnostics: Oncology, Reproductive Medicine and Inherited Disorders, Delhi

14. iGenetic Diagnostics: Multiple offerings, Mumbai

15. GeneTech– ATS GeneTech Pt Ltd, Multiple Offering, Hyderabad

16. DNA Labs India: Paternity testing and others, multiple locations across India

17. Datar Genetics: Oncology, Nasik

18. Positive Biosciences: Oncology and other, Mumbai

19. Anderson Diagnostics: Multiple offerings, Chennai

20. Supratech Labs: Multiple Offerings, Ahmedabad

21. PanGenomics International Pvt Ltd: Multiple offerings, Ahmedadbad

22. Perkin Elmer Genetics: Multiple Offerings, Chennai and USA

23. GeneExplore, Ahmedabad– Oncology, IVF and Research

24. Dr Lal Path Lab, Delhi– IVF, Neurology and others.

25. TruGeny– Mother and Child, Cancer and Cardiac. Good genetic counselling option available too. Bangalore

The list provided above include companies that have operations on National level across India. There are many other companies who are working in particular cities or states however, they have not been included in this list as the numbers are very large. Also few national level companies may have been missed.

In terms of Genetic Testing and reliability almost all companies are using the same technologies. While choosing a company, it’s commitment to quality, experience in genetic testing industry, and price offered should be considered along with doctors recommendations.


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19 thoughts on “Top 5 Genetic Testing Companies in India

  1. Plz send names of genetic companies which can collect from srinagar of Kashmir as we face difficulties in genetic testing

    1. Hi Nimi,
      You can try reaching various companies listed above. Not all will give you a job as fresher but many of them do. Check out which one are near to you and apply by calling them.

  2. Thanks for sharing the list of cancer testing companies in India. I’ve had a great experience at Positive Bioscience. One of my friend wanted to take the test for cancer so we went to Positive Science in Mumbai. The staff over there is very kind, polite and helpful. After getting tested he got his results and it was a piece of good news that he was not diagnosed with cancer. So, we were relaxed after then. I highly recommend all to visit there for cancer testing if you want to diagnose cancer and want to get accurate results.

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