With COVID19, India Saw rise of more than 65 companies providing SARS-Cov-2 Real-Time PCR testing. Before that, however they were only around 15-20 companies. To point out the main companies to look for your comprehensive Real-Time PCR diagnostic requirement for infectious diseases, this list provide ready reference of most important players.  The following list provide list  of the most important and technically advanced commercial Real-Time PCR infectious disease companies in India, providing highly competent and relevant products 


1. Roche:Roche logo

Headquartered in Switzerland, Roche is one of the biggest players in infectious disease Real-Time PCR testing.  Roche Diagnostics offers fully automated detection systems for following category of infectious diseases.

    • Viral Hepatitis (2 pathogens)
    • Transfusion transmitted infections (4 pathogens)
    • Sexually transmitted infections (4 pathogens)
    • Congenital Infections. (3 pathogens)

Roche products are suitable for high throughput lab and assays are all singleplex. Most of the assays are closed system and available to run only on Roche Instruments. Click here to read more about Roche Products

2. Thermo Fisherthermo fischer

Thermo Fisher offers extensive list of pathogen detection solutions. They offer manual to automation solution for following categories in Real-Time PCR.

    • Respiratory pathogens (42 pathogens)
    • Urinary Tract Infections (16 pathogens)
    • Infectious Diseases (20 assays)
    • Vaginal Microbiota
    • Antibiotic resistance

Above products are mostly available as OpenArrayTm cards compatible with Quantstudio 12K flex system. Click here to read more about Thermo Fisher Products


3. Fast Track Diagnostics (FTD) (Siemens Healthineers)

FTD is Luxembourg based company providing the biggest portfolio as they specialize only Real-Time PCR diagnostics kits. The kits available in Multiplex solutions but are open system. They can be run almost on any Real-Time PCR PCR instrument in market capable for multiplex detection. FTD kits are syndromically grouped and easy to use. Following categories of pathogens are available:

    • Respiratory Pathogens (33 pathogens in 18 different multiplex combinations)
    • Gastroenteritis (17 pathogens in 3 different multiplex combinations)
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections (15 pathogens in 7 different multiplex combinations)
    • Eye Infections (5 pathogens in 1 multiplex combination)
    • Infections of Immunosuppressed (4 pathogens in 3 different multiplex combinations)
    • Meningitis (18 pathogens in 4 different combination)
    • Tropical Fever (25 pathogens in 9 different combinations)

Overall, FTD provides more than 140 pathogens in 70+ kit combinations. All are open systems and compatible with any instrument and lab workflow. Ideal for low to high throughput labs. Currently, FTD is a part of Siemens Healthineers. Click here to read for more FTD products

4. BIOMERIEUX biomerieux logo

One of the largest company to provide extensive solutions of microbiological detection systems, BioMerieux offers two range of Real-Time PCR solutions for infectious disease testing.

  • Argene range of products are open system and compatible with all Realtime pcr thermal cycles. They have kits available in following categories:
      1. Argene Transplant Range (6 Assays)
      2. Argene Respiratory Range (10 Assays)
      3. Other singleplex assays (4 assays)
  • Biofire Multiplex Panels– These are closed system multiplex panels available to work with Biofire Filmarray instruments. These panels are available for following categories: 
      1. BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel for bacterial identification.
      2. BIOFIRE FILMARRAY GI Panel for gastrointestinal infections.
      3. BIOFIRE FILMARRAY Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel
      4. BIOFIRE FILMARRAY Pneumonia plus Panel
      5. BIOFIRE FILMARRAY Respiratory Panel

BioMerieux is a renowned name in microbiology industry and they are known for their efficiency and good products. Click here to read more about bioMerieux products

  • Altona Diagnostics: altona logo

A German company, Altona Diagnostics offers wide of open platform single plex Real-Time PCR Diagnostics kits. Altona offers the kits in below broad categories under the brand name “RealStar”.

    1. RealStar® Kits for Immunosuppressed Patients
    2. RealStar® Kits for Respiratory Diseases
    3. RealStar® Kits for Enteric Diseases2
    4. RealStar® Kits for Bloodborne Viruses
    5. RealStar® Kits for Tropical Diseases

All these kits are singleplex and offers good reproducibility and flexibility to low to high throughput labs. Click here to read more about Altona products

  • Seegene INC: seegene logo

It is Korean brand with wide range Real-Time PCR diagnostics kits. The kits are available as both multiplex and singleplex options suitable for low to high throughput labs. They provide kits in following main categories:

    1. Allplex Respiratory Panel Assays (26 Pathogens in 12 different combinations)
    2. Allplex™ Gastrointestinal Panel Assays 25 pathogens in 12 different combinations)
    3. Human Papillomavirus Infections (28 different HPV types in 3 different kit commbinations)
    4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (28 pathogens in 17 different combinations)
    5. Tuberculosis (MTB and drug resistances in 9 different combinations)
    6. Drug resistance (8 drug resistance in 4 different combinations)
    7. Sepsis (90 pathogens)
    8. Meningitis (18 pathogens in 7 different combinations)

The kits are open channel but validated mainly in Biorad CFX96 realtime PCR. Click here to read more about Seegene products

  • Qiagen qiagen logo

A world leader in nucleic acid extraction technologies, Qiagen offers 18 Real-Time PCR kits for various infectious diseases across different categories. It offers various manual and automation options for low to high throughput labs.

click here to read more about Qiagen products

  • BD bd logo

One of global leaders in microbiology detections technologies, BD offers automation detection of many infectious diseases on BD Max automation system. Following categories of kits are available on BD Max for Real-Time PCR.

    1. Enteric Diseases
    2. Women health and STI
    3. SARS-CoV-2

click here to read more about BD products

  • Mylab Discovery solutions mylab logo

Mylab is an Indian company with good potential and product offering in various segments. Currently, Mylab offers its Real-Time PCR diagnostics for following infection categories:

    1. Parasitic Infections (4 assays)
    2. Viral Infections (9 Assays)
    3. Mycobacterial Infections (2 assays)
    4. Bacterial infections (4 Assays)

The kits offered by Mylab are open channel or can be clubbed their own automation solutions. Click here to read more about Mylab products.

  • 3B Blackbiotech India ltd. 3b

3B BlackBiotech is an Indian company offering wide of Real-Time PCR kits for various infectious, cancer, drug resistance etc. They market the products under brand name TruPCR. It became widely popular during COVID19 pandemic as Indian governments kit of choice.

Following categories of kits are currently provided user TruPCR:

    1. Infectious Diseases
    2. Virology
    3. Blood Borne diseases
    4. Vector Borne Diseases
    5. Women health.

TruPCR offers great economical advantage over all other companies and are open channel kits. Click here to read more about 3B Blackbio products.

  • Abbott Molecular

Abbott offers high end automation closed system solution for infectious disease diagnostics by Real-Time PCR. Following categories are available with Abbott Molecular diagnostics:

    1. Hepatitis
    2. Respiratory Infections
    3. Retrovirus
    4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    5. Transplantation

click here to read more about Abbott Molecular products

genetic testing companies in India

  • Cepheid cepheid

Cepheid became popular with the introduction GeneXpert Real-Time PCR systems which quickly became gold standard for Tuberculosis detection worldwide. On same instrument, Cepheid offers following diseases testing options:

    1. Flu
    2. Ebola
    3. MTB
    4. Strep A and EV
    5. SARScov2

Click here to read more about Cepheid products


R Biopharm is another big company which offer multiple diagnostics options for same category of disease. They offer Real-Time PCR, rapid antibody, elisa, microspot assays, Immunofluorescence assays etc for following categories:

    1. Bacteriology
    2. Mycology
    3. Parasitology
    4. Virology

Their kits are open platform and can be used with any leading real time pcr kits. Click here to read more about r Biopharm products

Other companies that also provide Realtime PCR kits but do not have a very big presence in India are:

Quidel quidel

click here to read more about Quidel products



Click here to read more about Pathofinder Products


Huwel Lifescienceshuwel

Click here to read more about Huwel Products


Note: The above list is based on companies which provide comprehensive infectious disease testing by Real Time PCR and not just SARS-CoV-2.  The list is not sorted according to any parameter and the order is random. The user should contact the company to decide which products are more suitable to their needs. 

Disclaimer- The data above is based on the information provided on the websites of respective companies. DNA Gyaan is not responsible for accuracy or relevance of the data. It is sole responsibility of read to enquire about the authenticity of the data or product performance from the company. 

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