Experimental studies in human or animal excrement can now be termed as “in fimo” same as in vitro or in vivo !

Human or animal excrement has been gradually gaining a lot of importance in medical or experimental examination. You can examine enzymes, microbes or DNA. Human feces gives a lot of valuable information about he well being of any individual. No doubt, with recent increase in interest in identification of Gut Microbiome, stool is a first of examination.

To address so much research, Dr. Aadra P. Bhatt from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA, proposed a term “in fimo” which could distinguish all examinations done experimentally in excrement, from other samples. The proposal was submitted in journal Gastroentrology and is under press.

The word ” fimo” comes from Latin for manure or excrement. As per Dr. Bhatt, this word was a choice over other word with could not be specified with research of excrement. Dr. Bhatt has been using this word in her research and presentation, and already gained much favorable response from scientific community

Should this term be accepted scientifically, a new line of terminology would open up.

Reference: In Fimo”: A Term Proposed for Excrement Examined Experimentally

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