Knowing about your intestinal bacteria is now commercially available in India.

Sometime back we published an article Gut Microbiome Test: An emerging necessity in India.

Now, a commercially available gut microbiome test has been launched in India which is directly available to buyers without need of going through doctors.

BugSpeaks– a first of its kind initiative, by a Bengaluru based company called “Leucine Rich Bio”, is order-from-home gut microbiome test.

BugSpeaks is a unique technological advancement, where a simple stool sample is analyzed for your all kind of microbes living in your intestines. The technology used next generation sequencing for the identification of all microbes. Later, a new computer based algorithm will categorize, and identify all microbes. It will help you to know your susceptibility to more than 15 diseases. Also, it will tell you what diet should you follow and avoid to live a healthy life.

BugSpeaks® analyses your complete gut microbiome composition, characterizes its diversity and abundance, associates them with various disease susceptibilities, with the ultimate goal of generating a comprehensive set of dietary, prebiotic and probiotics recommendations.

This test is available in two options, where the patient can choose to identify all microbial species or only the bacterial species.

The test is available to order online via BugSpeaks website.

More details about the BugSpeaks and Leucine Rich Bio can be found on their websites.

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5 thoughts on “Gut Microbiome Test is now commercially available in India

  1. I am Dr, vipin porwal, doing my PhD research work on gut microbes n metabolic syndrome. I am doing studies on 200 patients. I want to know about price of kit. What are things , you are going to analyse. Please guide me.

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