Till few years ago, there was hardly any company offering testing for specialized cancer genetic tests in India. Today, you may have to decide from many options.

Decreasing technology costs, increased knowledge and awareness among clinicians has contributed to the rise of many genetic testing companies across the world. India is not far from this boom. 

Many cancer genetic testing companies in India provide various comprehensive genetic testing menu. But no single company is master of all. Every service provider in Indian market has a specialization to offer.

In our previous post, we covered about Top 5 Genetic testing companies in India. Most of them specializes in various segments.

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Cancer Genetic Testing market is more specialized, sophisticated and concerned towards accuracy and reliability of data than other genetic tests. Cancer Genetic Test report sometime make a life and death situation when a decision has to be made about therapy regimen.

Finding the best cancer genetic testing company is not easy. Actually, it is not possible at all in today’s market. What makes a company best? There are many parameters that are needed to consider. Every company does not offer every genetic test required in the market, moreover, they cannot offer every test on the same scale of price, reliability and technological compatibility.

To make the following list, we have considered the companies which provide their services nationally, has maximum options in testing menu and have been in market for a considerable time. Even then the list is just reference, but it serves as a guide to anyone looking to identify which are major players in cancer genetic testing in India. Read on


Strand life sciences

Strand is one of the few companies offering comprehensive cancer genetic testing menu. Based in Bangalore, they also offer routine pathological cancer diagnostics assay along with cancer genetic testing. They provide cancer genetic testing in the following categories:

  • Hereditary Cancer – MultiGene NGS and Single Gene
  • Cancer Therapy related gene testing
  • Liquid Biopsy
  • Hereditary Risk Prediction

Visit Strand Life sciences website

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Datar Cancer Genetics Limited

Datar Cancer Genetics Limited

It is the only company in India that specializes only in Cancer Genetic Testing by Next Generation Sequencing. Their menu is very limited by claimed to be highly sophisticated in detecting various mutations. Based in Nashik, they offer

  • Multigene NGS panels- For therapy and hereditary cancers
  • Liquid Biopsy- For brain tumors and other cancers.

Visit Datar Cancer Genetics website

Medgenome Prima


Medgenome developed expertise in cancer genetics in fast years. Their cancer genetic testing menu is offered under the brand name Prima. Medgenome is one of the oldest genetic testing company in India. It offers cancer genetic testing in following segments:

  • Next Generation Sequencing Panels (NGS) panels for various hereditary and somatic cancers.
  • Liquid Biospy
  • Single Gene tests
  • FISH, Karyotpying, Rt-PCR, MLPA, Flow cytometry and Fragment Analysis

Visit Medgenome Prima website

RedCliffe Life Sciences (RCL)

Redcliffe  Life sciences

RCL started out couple of years ago in New Delhi. They have expertise in Next Generation Sequencing technology and offer cancer genetic testing in following segment:

  • Hereditary and Somatic Cancer NGS panels
  • Liquid Biopsy- including some one of its kind panels

Visit Redcliffe LifeSciences website

Positive Biosciences (PB)

Positive Biosciences

PB is based in Mumbai. It is an upcoming company slowly and firmly establishing in Indian market and offers genetic testing for

  • Hereditary cancer
  • Tumor Profiling

Visit Positive Biosciences website

Other companies in India with less market share offering cancer genetics are:

Its would good to mention here that Cancer Genetic testing involves many different types of technologies. Some are economical while some need heavy investment. Therefore, there are many companies who offers different genetic tests. Above mentioned list is of the companies which provide most of the cancer genetic testing required routinely and there may be some small companies operating locally which are left in this article.

Ultimately it all depends on with the oncologist to choose which panel would be best suitable for the patient and why. Then the patient can decide which company they should choose.

We urge the reader to visit websites or contact company to understand more about their test, pricing and availability.

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It is our understanding that almost all the companies use similar technologies with differences in execution, data generation, reporting turn around time, reproducibility and cost effectiveness. Therefore, any one trying to book a test should discuss the same test with different companies and decide which parameter is best suitable for them.


Above mentioned data has been reproduced from the respective websites of the companies mentioned herewith. DNA Gyaan is not responsible for any information mentioned on company’s website. Due references have been provided for readers to check the source of information themselves. The images and company’s have been provided with a citation to the main source and full care has been taken to avoid copyright infringement. If such a case happens it is by chance.

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