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Gyaan, is a hindi language word for “Knowledge”, and it is our goal..to spread knowledge about everything to do with DNA in human healthcare. 

DNA Gyaan, is the first of its kind blog conceptualized in India. 

We strive to bring together information from vast segments of Molecular Biology and Clinical Genetics to spread awareness about common practices, concepts and new advances in order to bridge the gap between common man and scientific community.

DNA Gyaan have brought together many people from different segments who are scientists, marketing professionals and scientific affairs managers in serving full time in research and clinical genetics industry.

We do not intend to limit our platform just to the ideas of  our team and so we request all the people in scientific community or industry to submit great articles which can help reach our or your moto.

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The content published on DNA Gyaan blog is categorized into three different sources. Main articles are either authored by “Owner” here by referred as “Admin”, or “Guests”. Articles published by Admin are tried to be technically correct and all care has been taken to reproduce information in its native form adapted from the source. All care has been taken to avoid copyrights issue for visual content. Due credits to the source are provided for adapted contents.

Articles authored by “Guests” are fully under liability of the author. DNA Gyaan or Admin is not responsible for verification of the correctness of the content. Full care is taken to avoid copyrights issue but if such a thing happens is completely by chance and all liability lies with the author.

The news articles are reproduced from the original publications and DNA Gyaan is not responsible for correctness or accuracy of such content.

If there is any infringement of copyrights DNA Gyaan should be informed by submitting on contact us page and we would remove that content to protect copyrights of the owner.

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  1. Hi Team,
    Which is best Lab for NIPT, there are so many but unable to decide. It will be a great help if we can suggest considering overall test performance / technology usage and so on.

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