A big feat for mankind.

1,00,000 Genomes Project in England, has been officially completed.

On, Dec 5th,2018, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, announced that the 100,000 Genomes Project has reached its goal of sequencing 100,000 whole genomes from National Health Services. This project was led by Genomics England in collaboration with NHS England.  The data will made available for clinical use, sometime in 2019.

The 100,000 Genomes Project was kick started in 2012, by then-Prime Minister David Cameroon. It was started with a goal of using Whole Genome Sequencing technology to identify new diagnosis and improve patient’s treatment of rare genetic disorders and inherited conditions.

Lot of benefit has been given to as many as 1 in 4 patients sequenced. Actionable data has results in high quality treatment of these patients. A lot of hope has been delivered to cancer patients as well with detection of potential targets.

The sequencing center was established by DNA sequencing technology leader Illumina and patients were enrolled by NHS in collaboration with Genomics England.

More than 85,000 participants, 1500 NHS staff and 3000 researchers took part to make this project a successful event in the history.

With this accomplishment, UK has become the first nation in world, to successful apply Whole Genome Sequencing Technology on a large scale. It has resulted in availability of high quality data which can prove beneficial to re-identify clinical and genomics regions affecting large number of untreated disease and improving the current existing technologies.

With this, NHS Genomic Medicine Service has been founded, to provide genomic testing to patients across the NHS from 2019.

Source:Genomics England 

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