HIV Aids cure- DNA Gyaan

Scientist develop a HIV virus cure in mice using CRISPR

Researchers claim to find a HIV virus cure by successfully eliminating the HIV virus in Mice models using CRISPR and long-acting slow-effective release (LASER) antiretroviral therapy (ART)—a recently developed slow acting virus suppression therapeutic strategy.

Using DNA microscopy, scientists can identify different cells (colored dots) within a sample – with no prior knowledge of what the sample looks like. Credit: J. Weinstein et al./Cell 2019

“DNA Microscopy”-a new way to image cells

A new technology called as “DNA Microscopy” developed by Joshua Weinstein and colleagues at Howard Hughes Medical Institute can visualize and image cells at genomic level without use of optics. So far, all versions...

Cancer genetic testing DNA gyaan

Cancer Genetic Testing Companies in India

Till few years ago, there was hardly any company offering testing for specialized cancer genetic tests in India. Today, you may have to decide from many options. Decreasing technology costs, increased knowledge and awareness...

lupus disease dna gyaan

New discovery explains how genetic mutations cause Lupus

In a major development, researchers have been successful in explaining how, rare genetic mutations cause Lupus disease. The team of Dr Simon Jiang, Dr Vicki Athanasopoulos and Professor Carola Vinuesa at Australia National University...


Non Invasive Prenatal Testing companies in India

India is among the few countries in the world with very high rate of congenital defects. These defects develop during pregnancy and often go undetected. It is partially due to non-availability of proper prenatal...

Gut Microbiome

Gut Microbiome Test is now commercially available in India

Knowing about your intestinal bacteria is now commercially available in India. Sometime back we published an article Gut Microbiome Test: An emerging necessity in India. Now, a commercially available gut microbiome test has been...